#TRENDING: Granting Network Access to Guests, Wifi Tokens & Wifi Schedules

Granting wifi access to friends and family can be a double-edged sword. We all want our guests to be able to gain wifi access when visiting however, on the other hand, having kids be able to access wifi on their devices at all times of the day (and night) can lead to learning and behavioral issues. By creating a guest network and wifi tokens for the kids, you can gain back control of what seems like an unmanageable situation.

Guest networks: While covid has put a damper on social gatherings, things will go back to normal…..eventually. Have you ever been asked by a guest for your wifi password so they can use your network? Ever wonder what kind of access you’re granting them by just handing over the password? The answer is your whole network. Does your guest need access to your entire network? Unless you want them to access your home automation system, Sonos music, and other services, the answer is usually no. If that’s the case, why not grant them access to a guest network. Guest networks are set up as a separate layer of your network that allows access to only the internet and will hide all the other devices that connect to your network. Keeping all your personal devices and data private. Depending on your network router, guest networks can have several features that help control access. Features such as:

  • Timed access: Once granted, a user will have a specific time that they can access the network. Example: 3 hours and once the timer expires, the guest network expires and disappears.
  • Download / Upload speeds: Set a maximum download and upload speed. Guests will not be able to exceed these limits. Perfect for those cases where you want to limit speeds so guests don’t crash your zoom meeting by hogging bandwidth.
  • Download quota: Once the quote has been reached, the user is removed from the guest network. Example: If exceeding 50GB that day, the user has reached the quota and is removed from the guest network. The quota is reset daily.

Wifi Tokens: No more free-range wifi for kids, this system is perfect for guests and families with children. In our household, we love the Wifi token system! This system is perfect for creating and managing family wifi access. Dad, can I have a Wifi token? Are your chores done? If so, here’s your one hour of wifi. Wifi tokens can have the following properties:

  • Usages: You control the total amount of time the token is used for. For example: when our daughter has three friends over, we create a token that can be used three times. The guests all enter the same token into their devices to gain access for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Expiration time: Tokens can have custom expiration times. Minutes, hours, and days are all options. Our go-to default tokens are 1 hour based. Once the hour expires, access to the network is revoked. If needing more time, create more tokens or longer-length tokens. It is all customizable to your needs.
  • Download and upload quota: As mentioned before, the same download and upload speed limits, along with download quota can be applied to wifi tokens.

Using wifi tokens to manage guest and children access is simple and easy and gives you some peace of mind knowing the kids are not suffering YouTube at 2 am.

Wifi Scheduling: Some network routers will allow to you create a guest network on a schedule. What this means is that a guest network will only be available during the times you designate. Example: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm on weekdays, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm on weekends. The guest or children’s network will only be available during these times. Outside of these times, the network is not available.

Guest networks mean keeping you safe, limiting access to devices, limiting time spent on the internet, and much more. Go ahead; get creative with your guest network.