#TRENDING: Home Energy Saving Tips

Earlier this month, we attended a webinar that discussed various ways of cutting down on everyday household costs. The attendees were very interactive and forthcoming with their ideas including cutting down on cell phone bills, internet packages, groceries, and more. When it came to brainstorming technology, we were excited to share some tips on how you can cut down on your household costs. Here are some of the ideas shared.


Installation of a programmable thermostat.

Lower AC or heating while not at home.

Lower heating while at night.

Set seasonal scheduled programs.


Using dimmers or a lighting control solution.

Depending on the amount of dimming, you can save up to 40% towards your electrical bill.

Combine with LED bulbs for further savings.

Use motion sensors in bedrooms and other high-traffic areas. These sensors will turn off the lights if no motion is detected after a certain period of time.


Using window coverings effectively can cut down on cooling/heating costs.

Thinking of replacing your window treatments? Honeycomb window coverings have an insulating property which makes them the ideal window treatment to cut costs. On average a honeycomb shade will have an R-value of 1.5 to 4.5.

The use of programable motorized shades will help cut down on costs as well. Have the motorized shade open while the sun is up, letting warm in then close at night to trap in heat.


Un-plug any un-used appliances or devices.

Using an automation system or smart plugs will turn off devices that don’t require power 24/7 and will help cut costs. This eliminates vampire power devices from adding to your monthly electrical bill. 

With whole home automation, you are able to control all of these elements plus so much more all while saving time, energy and money.